About Muscadines

Purple Muscadines

The muscadine, a native type of grape, is unheard of outside of the rural South.   Also called scuppernongs, these strongly- flavored wild fruits are revered by country folk for making wine, jellies, jams and just plain eating.

Enoree is a Cherokee word meaning river of muscadines.  The Enoree is a brown and medium sized river that flows at a moderate clip through the Upstate of South Carolina, a line of demarcation to some.

To me, it is much more.  The fruit, its namesake river and the humble former cotton mill village of Enoree represent a convergence of nature, culture, history and ancestry.  It flows as though with no beginning and no end through the lives of people, land and time.

This blog is about ecology, animals, nature and rural Southern inland culture. Pull up a chair and pass the cornbread and pinto beans.

"The River of Muscadines"

Enoree River -- the river of muscadines

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